Winter mammals

“Walden pond ice,” from Rimager’s Walden album on flickr

There’s something wrong with
how we do winter, making it
the busiest time of year. Our calendar

Is all wrong. Yes, the sun
starts back
on the solstice,
but that just means
we should be rolling over in our sleep
and waiting for spring.

Why—though the empire insist—
do we stay above ground,
scurrying around
as if
everything has to

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Observing Winter Solstice

Modern Friends are sometimes challenged by the early Quaker tradition of eschewing religious and secular holidays.

We live in a sacred tension.

Our faith and practice call us to attend to the Divine, not to be distracted by outward forms of worship or of the larger culture in which we live. However, the truest bonds of family and culture call us to attend to those shared memories and traditions which give collective meaning to our lives.

How do we

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