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I started taking pictures back in fifth grade using a little Kodak Brownie. I still have the little wood-bound photo album of carefully mounted and labeled black-and-white photos.

Kodak Brownie Scrapbook (circa 1955)When I look at these pictures now, I am first amused and then smitten by memory. So strange that one can travel in time so easily.

Ages later, in the late 1980s, using an old Nikon I bought from a friend, I took a darkroom course. (You know, where you actually develop film in baths of chemicals and mess with physical burning and dodging?)

Here is my best image from that era, one of a gorgeous, mysterious stranger (still my hubby years later).

Jim @ Adriana's

Jim and I became a couple in 1985, were married under the care of our Quaker Meeting in 1994, and got legal in Massachusetts on July 19, 2011.

Most of what is on my RedBubble page was taken with a Canon PowerShot…which, unfortunately, I dropped a few summers back.  Still waiting to replace it with an upgrade.






Blessèd be,

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