Lift your foot

 Quint Buchholz: Giacomond, 1984


There is no way to
move through life except
lift your foot from
where it was
place it



Image: “Giacomond,” by Quint Buchholz (1984) [Quibu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons].

4 comments On Lift your foot

  • Sue Williams

    Mike, I can’t believe you’re finding the energy to send an Empty Path entry. Very appropriate quote. I thought of you and Jim over the last few days as you travel this new road.

    • Thanks, Sue. This was my morning reflection while sitting on the back porch of my brother Martin’s home in Springfield, MA. We are almost there.

  • Susan Taylot

    What an amazing photo, and bit of wisdom!

    You’ve no doubt safely arrived, since I’ve just now been able to open this. I’m grateful for that.

    Thank you, Mike.

    Many blessings with each step in your new place.
    With love, in the Light,

    • Thanks. Susan We do a day trip to Worcester tomorrow to get our apartment keys, but we don’t know yet when to moving truck will arrive. Blessings, Mike

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