There isn’t really an end
to this.

Coasting forward or
drifting sideways or back,

We never reach a goal.

It’s a matter of equilibrium,

It’s not
a matter of
getting to enlightenment,

"Open," by Mike Shell (6/16/2012)







Like some sudden arrival.

This moment is conscious
and this
and this.


Image: “Open,” by Mike Shell (6/16/2012).


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  • Sue Williams

    Mike, I read this today, 5/8, and viewed it through the lens of your moving. To me…in my at times concrete thinking, I see you and Jim and Shadow on a move but not en ending. You will still be in our lives. I like the homeostasis concept…being a Libra…seems right for me. Thanks, Sue

    • Thanks, Sue. As much as I want to move, I don’t want to move away from you and my other longtime friends here. Remote communication is available, but it isn’t a substitute for face to face. We’ll have to find ways to stay in touch.

      Love, Mike

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