Anointed within

A reading from today’s Global Meeting for Worship 

1st Century – 1 John 2:27 (New New Testament version)

“But for you the anointing that you received from the Christ abides in you, and you are not in need of anyone to teach you; but since his anointing teaches you about everything, and since it is a real anointing, and no lie, then, as it has taught you, maintain your union with him.”

L0065469 Ointment pot, Egypt, 2000-100 BCE17th Century Journal of George Fox (Rufus Jones edition)

“But I brought them Scriptures, and told them there was an anointing within man to teach him, and that the Lord would teach His people Himself.” (82)

21st CenturyQuaker Universalist Fellowship

“All beings are from the same earth.  We all come into being anointed with the breath of life. We do not need human notions—our own or anyone else’s—in order to know the real nature of life inwardly.”

Image: Ointment pot, Egypt, 2000-100 BCE, Wellcome Collection, Science Museum, London.

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