“Yule Blood,” from Walhydra’s Porch (2008)


Here’s a blog post I wrote a decade ago about Yule.

To set the stage for this, you need to know that Walhydra is a writer’s alter-ego of mine, a grouchy old crone who is forever annoyed to have been reincarnated as a 60-something gay male would-be writer.

Yule blood

Sunday, December 28, 2008
First sliver of New Wolf Moon, after Winter Solstice

Red ribbon on black doorWalhydra realizes that “blood” is not a word folks usually associate with Yule. We usually think of lights and worship and music and family…and scurry and worry and spending too much and eating too much….

Even so, on Yuletide morning, Walhydra marked her black front door with a splash of blood-red ribbon. It was as if she were making certain that the angel of midwinter darkness would pass over their home and allow the first born light of the New Year to shine upon them.

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