“The Dharma Talk is Always with You”

The following is the Shambala Blog excerpt for today.  It comes from No Beginning, No End: The Intimate Heart of Zen by Jakusho Kwong, page 4.

If you come to listen to a talk as if you are going to hear something great from somebody else, this is a big mistake.

The word teisho means something you already intimately know, and it is during the teisho that the roshi makes the Dharma, or truth, come alive. So the Dharma talk is really going on twenty-four hours a day.


Sometimes it seems like it’s with Roshi.

Sometimes it’s with the sound of an airplane.

Sometimes it’s with the heater turning on.

Sometimes it’s with roosters crowing across the way or the sound of wind and rain on a corrugated metal roof.

But the Dharma talk is going on continuously, without interruption, realized or not.

We should remember this. It’s usually very near at hand, preciously close, and always with you.

The image is from the Teisho page of the Zen Studies Society website.

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