Walhydra’s Porch


I’ve added a new page to this blog in order to connect you with another of my blog’s called Walhydra’s Porch.

I entered the blogosphere in 2006 using the tragicomic voice of a character I call my “curmudgeonly alter-ego,” Walhydra. Walhydra had come into being as a storytelling device in the mid-1990s, when I was invited to join the Crone Thread, a private listserv of mostly pagan, mostly women elders, folk who understand, revere and emulate the Crone.

Since the decline and death of my parents in the past three years, I’ve not been able to sustain Walhydra’s wise though sarcastic voice. For the sake of continuity, therefore, I’ve copied onto the new page the archival links which, on that other blog, I call Mileposts.

Take a look.

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