I love the joyful enthusiasm of this household.

Quick, by Mike Shell

Despite the hint of lower economic status suggested by their location next to a convenience store on a busy avenue, they cheer us every year with the “reckless exuberance” of their Xmas lights.

Blessèd be,

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  • I love this photo, and the spirit behind the display. Thank you, Mike. Merry Christmas to you and Jim and all the Jacksonville Friends. – Vicki

  • Merry Christmas!
    Image is great expression of life. It could join the book of images taken by an architect friend of the huge variety of home decorations from Columbus eastward into Appalachia—expressing ourselves with joy and plants and critters…

    • Michael Austin Shell

      Thanks, Lyn.

      Jim and I tease each other every year, because he looks for the most “tasteful” (aka traditional British) decorations, and I look for the most exuberant and tacky (aka working class Ohio).

      This one, as I wrote above, lifts my spirit.

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