“You stay here and be alert!”

Praying at Gethsemane, by He Qi

32And they go to a place the name of which was Gethsemane, and he says to his disciples, “Sit down here while I pray.” 33And he takes Peter and James and John along with him, and he grew apprehensive and full of anguish. 34He says to them, “I’m so sad I could die. You stay here and be alert!”

—Mark 14:32-34 (The Complete Gospels, 3rd ed. )

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  • >>>…He says to them, “I’m so sad I could die….

    Hmm… I’m not positive, but I think the correct reading here might be “I’ll be sad until I die.” He was praying for a speedy death, which was granted. He knew that “talk is cheap, but pain will break you.” He did not want to have to endure prolonged physical suffering. So God delivered him from the “horn of the unicorn.”

    Jesus had a pretty cushy life and a relatively easy death.

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