Serendipitous grace

Note: I wanted to make certain my readers saw this wonderful example of serendipity.

WordPress has an automated feature which searches the Web for “possibly related posts” for blog entries (presumably by searching for shared high occurrence of words or phrases).

I posted “Longing and waiting” early on April 1st.

When I went back to the post later in the day, I discovered that the web-bots had found this marvelous poem on A Poem a Day: Writers in the Schools (WITS) Celebrates Kids—in their own Words. It was orginally posted there on January 31, 2008.

Waving Tassles, by Todd Klassy

Wisdom by Anancia

the wavy corn the lady
standing the baby sleeping
the mom watching the morning
comes the animal waking the
daylight is coming the forest
singing the animals creeping
musical sounds everywhere it’s like
a band it’s sleeping children
keeping and sleeping they’re
waiting for morning waiting for
evening waiting for sleeping again
until that time comes
everybody will be sleeping
everybody except the moon
and the sun everybody will
be sleeping everybody
I tell you and you
believe me believe
it like a dream it’s
true it’s true and

by Anancia, 4th grade

And so it is.

Blesséd Be,

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